Top Features to Look for When Choosing a Car Stereo Head Unit


When upgrading the audio system of the vehicle, people want perfection with each of its parts. It is necessary to get a smooth sound output. The head unit is the central part of the car’s audio system. You are going to control the entire system with this unit. Thus, you need to choose it carefully.

At Discount Car Audio, we deal with a lot of people that need upgradation in their cars. There are a lot of features they look for based on their preferences and budget. Here, we have brought to you the top features to look for in your new head unit. So, let’s get started.

Top 10 Features in the Car Stereo Head Unit

This simple component not only controls the audio output in your vehicle but also maintains its aesthetics. Choosing the right one can be frustrating. Yet, things become a lot easier if you have sorted out your preferences. Below are the top features that you must consider to make the right choice.

1.    Size of the Head Unit

Usually, the head units are in two size categories. These are the Single DIN and Double Din. The one that you have to choose depends on the dash receptacles of your car. Some of the cars can accommodate both size categories.

You are just going to need a spacer to fit the Single-DIN unit into the double-DIN holder. However, others need some specificity to fit in. Make sure about getting the right size according to the car you own.

2.    Smartphone Integration

One of the known reasons for getting the latest head unit is to get the feature of smartphone integration. This feature is essential to stream the media on your phone on the audio system for better and louder sound quality. Also, it reduces the risk of accidents caused by the use of a smartphone during driving.

You just need to integrate your smartphone into the head unit. However, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto must feature to connect your iPhone and Android device respectively.

3.    Bluetooth Technology

You do not want to play with the cords during driving. It becomes irritating sometimes. Bluetooth technology is a great blessing to overcome this issue. You can now wirelessly stream music from your phone on the audio system. Hands-free calling is the safest option to go for when on the roads. This technology is far more appealing than the fuss of connecting the cables and saving them from being entangled.

4.    USB Port

You may wonder why people would want the USB port in the presence of Bluetooth technology. The truth is that it is the top requested feature in the head unit. It allows the user to integrate their smartphone into the head unit. However, it also allows the charging of the smartphone which is a lifesaver sometimes.

5.    Backup Camera Input

If you are a new driver, parking can be tricky for you at the start. Getting a head unit that features the backup camera input that is often called the parking assistance camera. It saves you from bumping your car into some object or worse a human or animal. You can have a look behind your car using this camera for a better parking experience. If your car is lacking one, the easiest way to get this feature is in your new car stereo head unit.

6.    Easy Navigation

It can be both confusing and irritating to operate a complex head unit. Lots of buttons or a baffled interface can leave you perplexed. So, people opt for the aftermarket head unit with a better touchscreen. You can choose from two options capacitive touchscreen and clear resistive touchscreen. However, the former is on the expensive side with more brightness and clarity. However, the latter is quite decent too.

7.    Budget

Car audio system upgradation goes expensive sometimes. It all depends on how the latest it is and how many features it is accommodating.  So, you need to think about your feature preferences. Then, you can get the one that comes with the maximum desired features in your budget.

8.    Compatibility

Imagine you have bought a costly head unit but still it is not operating in the way you want. The reasons could be many. It may occur due to the lack of compatibility of your new head unit with the other components of your car’s audio system. We will advise you to always consult an expert for buying a compatible device for your vehicle. Otherwise, your money may go wasted.

9.    Power

The powerful head unit means that it is going to send a powerful audio output to your speakers. It results in the production of a loud sound and a reduction of distortion and background noises. However, a powerful head unit is good for nothing with weak speakers. There would be the distortion of the sound in this case too. So, you need to check for their compatibility before buying one.

10.  Aesthetics

Even if you are upgrading the system in your car, you cannot ignore its aesthetics. It is the first thing that gives value to your car. you do not want to put something in your car that is a misfit or destroy the aesthetics of your car. The head unit is going to fit in the dash. So, choose the perfect size and quality for catching the admiring eyes.

Final Words

The output of the audio system depends solely on the head unit. So, it is better to spare some time and money for it. the above are the top features people usually consider while buying a head unit. You can modify the list according to your preferences. If you need further assistance or want to buy a flawless audio system, contact us now at Discount Car Audio.



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