Security Alarm Installation Houston Texas

Vehicle security is no joke. At Discount Car Audio we are experts in securing vehicles from being stolen and from break-in to steal contents. Each is a very different objective and our years of installation expertise allow us to think several steps ahead of thieves. Where many have ‘car alarms’ installed, we engineer and professionally install true vehicle security systems.

Entry point protection – Any good vehicle security system installation begins with protecting all potential points of entry. Doors, hood and trunk/hatch are fundamental entry points. The vehicle’s ignition switch is also an entry point that our systems monitor. Commercial vehicles and RVs may also have special entry point monitoring requirements such as storage bays, tool boxes and other locations related to the specific vehicle.

Sensors of all kinds – We offer sensors of all kinds to monitor specific actions or events. This is a much more effective security measure and also greatly eliminates the probability of false alarms from sensors that are too sensitive or applied to the incorrect application. Shock or impact sensors are our most common and effective general sensor, but we also offer glass sensors, proximity (or radar) sensors for convertibles/open bed trucks and more. If there’s a way to protect something, we probably offer a sensor for it.

We do sell and install smart start viper alarms that can track your vehicle. A Vehicle equipped with smart start can be locked, unlocked, started even from another state through a smart phone application.

Audible and visual deterrents – Our security systems include a siren and flashing the parking lamp circuit as a means of gathering attention. We can also add honking the factory horn (in some cases, customers prefer this to offer the anonymity of the security system’s presence) and additional high-pitched piezo sirens known as pain generators. Visually we can add strobe lighting systems or additional status LED lights to disburse or warn potential thieves. If you have special considerations, please let us know.

Notification – Our security systems can notify you when they’ve been triggered, what triggered them and many other aspects of an event. This is helpful to troubleshoot any time the security system triggers and is not immediately evident, such as someone opening an unlocked door, triggering the system, and then closing the door right afterward. If you approach the vehicle with the door closed, you may mistakenly assume it was a false alarm when, in fact, the doors were left unlocked.

Whatever your security concerns, whether complete vehicle theft or theft of its contents/vandalism, we have comprehensive solutions for you. Our expert installation staff is well experienced in thinking several steps ahead of what methods and tools thieves use, which makes us ideal to provide the peace of mind for your car’s security when you’re not there. Call to schedule expert services.