Setting Up the Perfect Car Video Entertainment System

Car Video Entertainment System For Long Journeys

For many families and avid travelers, the idea of a road trip conjures images of open roads, scenic landscapes, and the promise of new adventures. Yet, as anyone who has traveled with children, restless friends, or just a penchant for entertainment will attest, there comes a time during the journey when the excitement dwindles, and the hours seem to stretch endlessly. Enter the savior of modern road trips: the car video entertainment system.

But how does one navigate the vast ocean of technology to set up the perfect system? Whether your primary goal is to keep the kids engaged, provide a cinematic experience for your passengers, or simply add value and luxury to your vehicle, it’s essential to make informed decisions. This guide by Discount Car Audio will delve into the crucial considerations and recommendations for establishing a car video entertainment system that ensures every journey is as enjoyable as the destination itself.

1.     Decide on the Type of System

·       Overhead Systems

Best for larger vehicles like SUVs or minivans, these drop-down screens provide a larger view but can be visible to all passengers.

·       Headrest Systems

These are installed at the back of the vehicle’s headrest and can be customized to fit seamlessly with your car’s interior. Each passenger can watch something different.

2.     Choose the Right Size

Ensure that the screen is large enough for viewers, but not so large that it obstructs the driver’s rear view. Typically, screens range from 7 to 20 inches.

3.     Source Quality Content

·       Streaming Devices

Devices like Amazon Fire Stick or Chromecast can be connected to your entertainment system, provided you have a steady internet hotspot in your car.

·       DVD/Blu-Ray Players

An old but reliable method. Ensure you have a good mix of movies and shows to cater to everyone’s tastes.

·       External Hard Drives or USBs

Load up your favorite movies, series, or documentaries for offline viewing.

4.     Invest in Good Quality Headphones

For those moments when one passenger wants to watch a movie and another prefers to gaze out of the window with music on, wireless headphones can be a lifesaver. They also prevent distractions for the driver.

5.     Ensure Power Compatibility

Ensure your entertainment system can be easily powered in your car. Most systems can plug into the car’s 12V socket. But for more elaborate setups, you might need an inverter to convert your car’s DC power to AC.

6.     Add-Ons & Accessories

·       Remote Controls

Handy for passengers in the back who want to control their viewing experience.

·       Gaming Consoles

If you’re traveling with kids (or adults who love gaming), adding a portable gaming console can level up the entertainment.

7.     Professional Installation

For a seamless look and to ensure safety, consider professional installation. A proper setup will have all wires concealed, and the system will be anchored correctly to prevent any movement while driving.

8.     Test Before the Trip

Before you head out, test your system. Make sure all components are working, the sound is clear, and the video quality is top-notch.


In the dynamic world of in-car entertainment, the journey towards creating the perfect car video system is both exhilarating and challenging. As technology rapidly evolves, so do the needs and desires of passengers eager for distractions and diversions on lengthy drives. We’ve charted the landscape of contemporary in-car video solutions, exploring the multifaceted considerations one must weigh, from screen placements to sound quality, streaming capabilities to user-friendliness.

At the heart of this pursuit lies the understanding that a car video entertainment system is not merely about watching movies or playing games. It is about transforming the essence of travel. It’s about converting long, tiresome hours into moments of relaxation, enjoyment, and even bonding. When designed thoughtfully, such systems become less about countering the boredom of the road and more about enriching the overall travel experience.

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