Local Laws or Window Tinting in Houston, Texas

In Houston, the dazzling days from the sun make driving difficult. Along with it, the car’s interior becomes worn out and damaged. Therefore, window tinting is suitable to stop these harmful rays from reaching your vehicle. Window tinting is definitely the best modification for cars. It increases the aesthetic quality of your vehicle and strengthens your privacy and safety in the car.

At Discount Car Audio, it is our job to get the best car services for you. However, before applying these films, you must know about the local window tinting laws to protect yourself from legal action. In this blog, we have added all the rules prevailing in Houston, Texas, regarding window tinting. Let’s start it.

Why should I do the Window Tinting of my Vehicle?

Before we start the main topic, is it vital to go for this option? Window tinting has a lot of benefits relating to the health, safety, and privacy of the driver. These are as follows.

  • Dark films make it difficult to passers-by to peek into your car. Hence, if any thief is around, your valuables in the vehicle will remain safe.
  • Window tinting films block the entry of harmful ultraviolet rays inside the car. These rays damage the eyes and skin of the exposed person. So the driver and other passengers remain protected.
  • It reduces glare. Thus, it lowers the risk of accidents to save riders and people on the road.
  • Reduced light rays’ entry into the car keeps the interior comparatively lower.

What is VLT?

Visible Light Transmission, abbreviated as VLT, is a necessary term. The local lows of window tinting in Houston are described in VLT. Visible light transmission is the number of light rays that can transmit inside your car.

The law enforcement institutes in Texas have defined a specific VLT percentage for each window of the vehicle. Definitely, you have to abide by the rules, or you will pay more money than you spend on getting these tinting films.

Local Laws for Window Tinting in Houston, Texas

There are defined local laws relating to the darkness and reflectiveness of the window tinting films allowed in Houston, Texas. Therefore, our team at Discount Car Audio has added them all below. Give it a read to keep your money from wasting.

Darkness Laws for Window Tinting in Houston

The darkness laws are different for the types of cars you drive. Below are the VLT percentages for different types of vehicles.

1.     For Saloon

  • For windshields, tinting films with 25% VLT are allowed. These are applied above the AS-1 line on the window. Therefore, the reflection must be less than 25%
  • For front-side windows, VLT must be more than 25%.
  • However, you can opt for any percentage for the back side and rear windows according to your will.

2.     For SUVs or Vans

  • For windshields, 25% VLT films are allowed above the AS-1 lines. However, the reflection should not be more than 25%
  • The VLT must be more than 25% for the front side window.
  • For the back side and rear window, opt for any darkness.

Reflection Laws for Window Tinting in Houston

Reflection of the light rays is essential for reducing the glare and heat in the car. However, the percentage is specific for it too. If all the light is reflected, it hinders the sight of the driver, which results in an accident. Moreover, it makes it impossible for law enforcement personnel to observe any suspicious activity inside the car.

Here again, the law enforcement agencies have set the specific VLT percentages for each window of the car.

  • The front side windows must not reflect more the 25% of the visible light
  • Backside windows, too, must remember at most 25% of the visible light.

Other Important Laws of Window tinting

In Houston, Texas, there are also some other essential laws regarding window tinting that are unavoidable. These are:

       i.          Color Restriction

According to the local laws of window tinting in Houston, you must not get red, blue, or amber-colored window tinting films for your car.

     ii.          Side Mirrors

If you are planning to tint the rear windows of your car, then it is necessary to install dual side mirrors in your vehicle.

    iii.          Get the Certified Films

Before dealing with any seller for window tinting, ask for certification of the window tinting films. Therefore, only certified tinting films can be applied.

    iv.          Sticker

Apply the sticker that identifies the legal window tinting between the tinting films and the window glass on the driver’s side.

Is there any Exemption from the Local Laws?

Violation of local laws can result in a heavy ticket. However, there are some vehicles and conditions that get the advantages of the exemption from these laws. Some of them are:

  • Vehicles that are in the use of personnel from law enforcement institutes in the state.
  • Some vehicles are in use by transport agencies.
  • Furthermore, patients suffering from a condition in which exposure to the sun’s rays can be harmful. However, you need a detailed medical certificate regarding your situation to avail of it.

Final Words

In conclusion, you must know about all these laws before applying these window tinting films. Otherwise, you must remove all those films and pay a heavy fine. Hence, all your money has been spent to waste. It is undesirable for you. You can contact our team for more details regarding the window tinting laws.






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