How to Tune your Car Audio?


Nowadays, replacing factory audio systems with new ones is a common trend. The aftermarket audio systems give out the best quality music to make your journey enjoyable. However, without the proper tuning, the sound coming out of your expensive audio system is just noise. That distorted sound can spoil your mood if you are an audiophile.

The tuning of the car audio system is relatively easy. It will be worth a few hours of playing with the knobs and sound settings. However, if you are in Houston, Texas, and need assistance tuning the car stereo, we have your back. Our expert Discount Car Audio expert team will help you do it perfectly. This blog is for those who want expert tips for tuning car stereos. Let’s get started.

Why Do I Need to Tune My Car’s Stereo?

There are many reasons to tune the car stereo. The top and main one is for improving the sound quality. The poor quality of sound from a costly audio system is irritating. Tuning the car stereo can help you adjust the audio system according to the music you frequently listen to. You can make the system louder or softer according to your desire.

Pioneer DEH-1800UB – Car stereo with RDS tuner, CD, USB and Aux-In

However, you cannot employ the settings of the audio system in your previous car in the new one. All cars are unique, and the functionality of such systems differs according to each vehicle. So, you must go through this laborious task on each car separately. You have to experiment with different settings to find the perfect one.

Tips for Tuning the Car Audio System

Here are the best tips by our experts that will help you tune your car audio system.

1.    Create A Soundstage

Creating a soundstage across your dash can help with making the sound quality from the car stereo better. It means keeping the speakers in the right place and position so that the sound waves will be directed toward you. It will make the music sound louder and more precise.

For creating a soundstage, ensure that the speakers are as close to the windscreen as you can. Moreover, the positioning angle must be towards the ears of the driver. Clear the way of the sound waves by removing the unwanted obstructions from your car.

2.    Make Sure That the Car Speakers Are in Phase

One of the significant issues with your car audio system is being the out of phase. All the speakers in your car must be in phase with each other to produce a smooth sound. Bing in phase means the perfect alignment between the sound waves coming out of each speaker. There will be no cancellation effect on the sound, and the music will sound fantastic.

There are many ways to verify whether your car speakers are in phase. Choose test music to play. Always choose that music that is perfectly familiar to you. Now reverse the polarity of one speaker. If you observe any difference in the sound, the speakers are out of the phase.

3.    Equalizer For Clarity

For the best sound quality, there must be a perfect balance of the bass and frequencies. The unbalanced setting can deteriorate the sound of the car speakers. If you feel the audio you are playing on the car stereo sounds coming from the background, you have to adjust the mid-range frequencies.

You need to boost the mid-range frequencies to sort out the issue. You can only fix this issue if you know how the balanced test tone will sound. So, playing the music as a test tone you have played frequently is always recommended, and each of its tones is known to you.

4.    Set The Right Amount of Bass

The right number of bass is essential to enjoy smooth and perfectly-sounded music. The more or less bass can create a distorted sound that is something other than what you desire. Unlike those who turn up the bass to the highest level and everything seems to be shaking, our professionals at Discount Car Audio suggest the right way.

Use the equalizer knobs to turn down the low frequencies completely. Now play a bassy test music and slowly increase the bass using the knob. Do it until the music sounds the way you want. Also, adjust the subwoofers according to the bass frequencies.

What To Do If Nothing Is Working with Your Car Stereo?

If you are trying to tune the car stereo and nothing seems to be working, there may be other reasons. The noises coming from outside your car can mix with your music and make it unpleasant. Try to soundproof your vehicles to fix this issue. Moreover, compressing the audio files adversely affects their quality.

While transferring the audio from one device to another, keep the compression setting to a minimum. Proper maintenance is also required to keep it free from the dust that can act as an obstacle to the sound. Contact the experts if everything is perfect at your end. You may need to get the latest audio system if the old one is not fit for your car.

Final Words

The car audio systems are the essential upgradation to the cars. Or the audiophile, the distorted sound can be frustrating. So, appropriate tuning is required. Above are the tips by our expert teams to tune the car stereo on your own. However, we will always advise you to get professional assistance for fixing such issues.


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