How to Save your Car from Auto theft in Houston?


The car theft rate around the globe is increasing annually. According to a National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB) report, approximately 1 million car theft cases were reported in 2022. People are exploring the latest technologies to protect their cars with the increasing cases. However, the thieves also have got ways to dodge the security systems.

Therefore, you need to get as many security systems as you can. Apart from installing advanced systems, there is also a need to adopt the maximum preventive measures. This blog is about the ways to secure your car from the theft threat. Let’s get started.

How Can You Save Your Car from Car Theft?

The only way to protect your car is to make it a difficult target for thieves. Here are the simplest and budget-friendly options to make your vehicle safe.

1.    Installation of the Car Alarms

When thinking about the security of vehicles, the car alarm system is the first device that comes to mind. These are the simplest systems that can be installed in cars. Car alarm systems warn you about the odd thing happening to your car by producing a loud noise. Apart from alerting you, that sound is enough to scare the thief.

VIPER Car Alarm System

The market is filled with wide options for car alarm systems. These systems usually vary in features; some even tell you if the car was moved. At Discount Car Audio, you can find our services to install the best systems in your cars, with a 6-month guarantee.

2.    Install the Tracking Device

The tracking devices are the best way to find your vehicle’s location if you cannot find it. The tracking devices are cheaper and can be bought easily. If you have lost your car, the tracking device will use Global Positioning Technology to transmit the signals to the monitoring device. So, you could find the car’s location.

Moreover, by installing this simplest device, you can keep track of where your car has been. Tracking history enables you to know that someone has used it correctly. Recover your car as soon as possible by getting this amazing security system.

Tracking Device in A Car

3.    Install the Quick Switch

Quick witches are the other important car security equipment gradually gaining popularity. These switches are connected at different locations in the vehicle, like a battery or the ignition. The function is simple that is immobilizing the car.

The main thing about its installation is to find the best-hidden location to install the kill switch. All you need to do is to flip it each time you intend to drive your car. The device is amazing because even if someone has found your key, there is no possibility of starting the car until the kill switch has been flipped.

Installing Quick Switch in the Car

4.    Be Cautious with Your Car

Your car is your expensive possession. So, you have to be careful with it. Slight negligence can result in car theft. Many people leave their cars running while going for a quick errand. It is enough for someone to take away your vehicle. The unattended cars are the easiest options because no one would doubt someone getting too easily in a car.

Moreover, people also leave the car keys in the ignition. It makes it easier for the thieves to break the window and flee away with your car. In addition, do not leave the spare key in the most accessible and common places in your car. Professional thieves know where they can find the key.

5.    Park your Car Properly

Parking your car requires a lot of things to consider. Get a well-lit area in public parking with proper lights and security cameras installed. Make sure that all the security devices there are working properly. Security cameras are useless if the car is parked in a darker area. However, the private parking lot is a safer option.

In private parking, install contact sensors, bright lights, alarms, and other security devices to secure your vehicle more appropriately. Moreover, car your car at the place where it would be more difficult to be moved out. It would be better to park the most valuable vehicle behind the cheaper one to block its way.

6.    Do Not Make Your Car Attractive to Thieves

Leaving your valuables in your car is an excellent way to grab the attention of thieves. They usually look around the parking lots to find cars with such valuables. Besides the car models, mobile phones or purses can get them a lot more money. So, if you are carrying something valuable with you, keep it away from the sight of outsiders.

In addition, fill up your car’s trunk sparingly with valuable items. Do it before leaving your place. Stay alert. Choose a better place if you find someone suspicious in the parking lot. Double-check if the car’s door and windows are locked properly.

Things To Do in Case of Car Theft

The first thing you have to do in case of car theft is to inform the police and insurance company about it. The police will ask you the necessary questions that, include:

  • Details of the car, including Model and color
  • The number on the License plate.
  • VIN- Vehicle Identification Number.
Final Words

Car theft technologies have also become more advanced day by day. The maximum-security measures can help you to protect it properly. Above is the best thing you can do to save your car. You have to get the latest security gadgets with the latest features with little risk of failure. You can visit our store at Discount Car Audio to get trustworthy services from our professional technicians.


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