Frequently Asked Questions about Car Audio System Installation


A car audio system is an essential part of a vehicle especially if you love to enjoy music while driving. The varieties of such systems in the market are huge. You get plenty of advantages from reduced background noises to improved sound quality. It upgrades your music experience to an enhanced level.

At Discount Car Audio, we deal in the top audio systems from the top manufacturers. We daily come across multiple customers and their multiple queries about getting the best system for their cars. Here, you have the top frequently asked questions about installing the car audio system. Let’s get started.

Why do I need to replace my factory audio system?

The factory audio systems installed in the vehicles enclose only a few features. Usually, they do nothing more than just the amplification of the voice. However, if you want to listen to distortion-free music, you need to get the latest features. Surely, you are going to get them in a high-quality after-market audio system.

In these systems, you can control the bass of the music with the increased amplification power. Smartphone integration features, Bluetooth, and wider touchscreen stereo for easy navigation are some of the other benefits. The number of features depends on the type of audio system you have bought.

Which car stereo I should get for my car?

The aftermarket car stereos come in various models that differ in their features and size. There are usually two size categories for the car Stereo. Single DIN and Double DIN. You need to get the right size for your car’s model. Usually, a Double DIN receiver holds both types but the other cannot. If you want to get the most advanced features, you will need to expand your budget but the output is going to be worth it.

You need to consult an expert for buying and installing a compatible car stereo. If it is not compatible, your expensive aftermarket stereo is never going to work out for you. Moreover, you can also look for a stereo that is by the illumination scheme of the dashboard. This feature is good for giving you more aesthetic vibes during driving.

What are the various types of car stereos?

In the market, you come across four types of car stereos. These are:

1.     DVD Receivers

DVD receivers are more helpful if you also want to play the video content along with the audio. They come with a touchscreen display for easy navigation. Moreover, the latest models are also compatible with smartphone integration by enabling Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

2.     CD Receivers

These stereos come in both size categories to fit every car model. As its name is indicating, the CD receivers play the CDs. However, you can get the auxiliary port and USB port for a better experience.

3.     Navigation Receivers

Navigation receivers are just like DVD receivers. One additional feature is that you can get a built-in navigation system with such receivers. So, you do not need to rely on your smartphone during driving.

4.     Digital Media Receivers

These are the best option if you want to connect your smartphone and other devices to the stereo. Then, you can stream the media on them using this audio system. These are compact and fit easily even in older car models.

Can I connect my smartphone to the car stereo?

This feature is a necessity nowadays. While driving, you cannot risk your life looking at your smartphone again and again for answering your phone call or messages. It is safer to integrate your phone with your car stereo. Therefore, this is the feature everyone should look for when buying a new car stereo.

In most car stereos, Bluetooth technology enables you to stream media on your phone through your car audio system. However, with the help of Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, you can connect your iPhone and Android to the audio system respectively. So, look for car stereos compatible with these to use your mobile application safely.

How long does a car audio system take to install?

The car audio system is a hard process and takes you between one to five hours for the complete installation. However, the process is easier than most of you think. All you need is the installation kit having the essential tools to install the audio system. The process is all about making some new connections and adjustments. It all ends with the tuning process of the audio system which takes a lot more time.

Therefore, if you have no previous experience installing such systems, there is more likelihood of damaging the car audio system by you. In this case, you are going to waste your money. So, we advise you to get professional assistance for carefully installing such systems in the vehicles to prevent any loss.

Final Words

The car audio system installation is not only a lengthy process but it also requires serious consideration to make the right choice. If the above FAQs do not cover your query, you can contact us at Discount Car Audio, for more assistance.


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