Apple CarPlay and Android Auto Installation in Houston


Our daily routine is dependent on the mobile phone. It is just a crucial part of our lives. However, during driving, using the smartphone is a great distraction leading to accidents. Advanced technology has devised the perfect solution for this threat. Luckily, nowadays several cars allow the integration of the smartphone with the car stereo. By doing so, you can access several mobile apps on a wider screen for safe driving.

Most of the latest car models are equipped with this feature. So, you can connect your device with the stereo whether it is an iPhone or an Android. However, for the older models, you can have a minor up-gradation to your stereo to enjoy this feature. the process is simpler. In this blog, we added everything you need to know about Apple CarPlay and Android Auto and their installation.

What is the Apple CarPlay and Android Auto?

Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are the assistant systems in cars. They operate via voice command or simply by pressing the buttons on the sleek display fitted in the dashboard. Therefore, you can use that display to perform various tasks that you are previously performing on your phone.

Whether you want to play any music from your phone with the car audio system, answer the phone car or messages, or use google maps, you can do it easily. Plugging the phone into the display is not only convenient but also safe for the driver. The list of the benefits of this integration is huge. The hand-free calling is at the top of the list of advantages.

Apple CarPlay and Android Auto installation in the Car

You are going to miss a lot if not enjoying the benefits of the latest technology. The installation of the Apple CarPlay and Android Auto in the car is easy. All you need to do is to get a stereo that is compatible with Apple CarPlay or Android Auto, depending on the device you own. The rest of the task is almost the same for both kinds of devices.

Now, connect your phones to the display using the USB ports and enjoy. Therefore, you just need to make sure that the head unit installed in your car is compatible with the assistant system you desire. If not, get a new one. At Discount Car Audio in Houston, you can get all kinds of compatible devices for your vehicle along with professional installation services.

Pros and Cons of Apple CarPlay and Android Auto

You can not depend on your phone while driving for using the navigation service or answering the phone call. It can threaten your life as well as the people on the road. However, getting the Apple CarPlay or Android Auto is the best way to keep you safe while driving.

Apart from safety, such systems have some additional advantages and disadvantages. Let’s go through them.


  • The voice command option enables you to operate these systems without messing with the buttons on the display.
  • Enjoy hands-free calling and several other social media apps on the wider screen.
  • Stream the audio on your smartphone and other music platforms on your car’s audio system.
  • Get the turn-by-turn directions with easier visibility.


  • It allows the usage of only a limited number of applications. However, these are enough for the basic tasks.
  • Voice recognition for Siri and Google Assistant is not as accurate as it does on mobile phones. it becomes irritating sometimes when you have to repeat your commands frequently.
  • Distraction is still there. It is much lesser than what happens on the phone.

Can a Car have Compatibility with Both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto?

You may be wondering if your car head unit has compatibility with both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto or not. The answer is that maybe it is or may not. Many cars enable users to connect both kinds of devices to the head unit. However, you can connect one of these devices at a time. The obvious reason is that screen can display one device at a time. You need to set your preferences before buying a car stereo to avoid any issues later.

Final Words

Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are the needs of modern times. Such systems not only increase the market value of your car but also add to your safety while driving. Using smartphones while driving is the leading cause of accidents on the roads. However, these systems are the safest way to keep you connected while driving. The installation is simple as added above. You can do it by yourself but the better option is to seek assistance from an expert.

For the latest car models, you just need to install the necessary application for the integration of the phone. On the other hand, for the older models, you may need to replace your car stereo with the latest one. if you thinking about doing the latter, in Houston, we provide our customer-friendly services at Discount Car Audio. You can contact us for buying the best aftermarket car systems.



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